Hi there!

We are a family owned business with a passion to provide you with the best of brands to fill your home with healthy foods

Our mission is our passion!

We are consumed daily with the thoughts of providing high quality products and services to ensure every opportunity we have with you becomes a good experience. Food is a trust business and we hope to earn your trust in this regard.


Geviemart inception...

As a family owned business, we want to share with you why we do what we do and hopefully you can know something about us.

Being an immigrant, I always long for taste of home. The spices, the vegetables, the meats, as well as the aroma that permeate every room when food is prepared. This is very hard to forget. Such insatiable appetite and memory kept my taste buds restless until I get the right ingredients to prepare these foods.

In all of these, I came to discover that, most immigrants have similar experience. Therefore, I made it my mission to make available these quality and healthy food ingredients to many who find themselves longing for taste of home or even native borns who would like to indulge in African/Caribbean or Middle Eastern cuisines.

Geviemart was born out of this need. Good food, good mood!!! Geviemart promises to provide the ingredients you need to accomplish that.